_MG_2450.2My Name Is Olav Aleksander Skinstad Ile, and I’m a lover of all good and beautiful things that this planet has to offer! Love to travel and in my daily life I work as a hairdresser.

During the past year I have been working on some photoshoots with a fantastic photographer, Marion Hansen.She’s been a key in the process of getting started on my road into the creative world of fashion, photography and art.

I see fashion as a form of art and there is nothing I love more than a beautiful editorial in Vogue or any other fashion magazine. I’m a very creative person that loves to express myself in many ways, and therefore I adore the illusion that hair, makeup and clothes can make in a photo. _MG_2468.11

Through this website I will take you on a journey into my world and everything I stumble across, and as Grace Coddingon, creative director of American Vogue, said: “When on a journey, rememer to always keep your eyes open and dont fall asleep, because you never know what you’ll see, and it may inspire you.”