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IN THE GARAGE! A photoshoot by TSB & OASI

I love to do photoshoots, it creates a story, and you are able to make it a fairytale. I always fall in love when opening Vogue or any other glossy magazine and I see these beautiful editorials, its like magic on the paper and it makes your imagination go wild!

I had some trouble picking the best pics from this shoot, since there were so many good, so bare with me, and enjoy! 🙂

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1,1IMG_1459COLD 1.1.2IMG_1269DFGCOLD 1IMG_1284ghjkCOLD 2IMG_1632GFDRTYUI 3IMG_1288DFGHJCOLD 4IMG_1638fghjk 5.5IMG_1344COLD 5IMG_1303dfghjCOLD 6IMG_1650ASDFGH 7IMG_1492LKJHCOLD 8IMG_1305GKJCOLD 9IMG_1318FGHJKIJUCOLD 10IMG_1661hgf1111ghjkCOLD2222 11IMG_1531FRTGYCOLD 12IMG_1675SDFGHJ 14.1IMG_1485COLD 14IMG_1502FGHJCOLD 15IMG_1689DFGHJK 16IMG_1509FGHJCOL 17IMG_1701DFGHIOYT 18IMG_1718COLD 19IMG_1511SDFGHCOLD 20.1IMG_1722COLD 20.2IMG_1572DFGCOLDLeather Jeans: ZARA, Tshirt with leather detail: ZARA, Leather Jacket: CARLINGS, Sudded Caps: Somewhere in Chinatown in London, Boots: Undercover(Rob Paris) Duffle bag in the background: LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM EMPREINTE KEEPALL