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Fall Feelings in The Park

I’m feeling the fall getting closer and so I dressed up in a classic fall outfit and had a little photoshoot in the park where I live. The air felt so fresh and the leaves flying through the air just made it even better! Get your fall outfit on and enjoy this fashionable time of the year. Love, Olav <3


Mens fall/winter 2014/15

Here are some of the collections that I found the most intresting and inspirational this season!




DRIES VAN NOTEN fall/winter 14/15







balmain-000 d-doma00 givenchy00 KTZ-HOMOTOGRAPHY-00 WalterVanBeirendonck-Homotography-00



BALMAIN fall/winter 14/15










DAMIR DOMA fall/winter 14/15











GIVENCHY fall/winter 14/15









KTZ    fall/winter 14/15









WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK fall/winter 14/15








KTZ  was my absolute fave this season, so I will post more pictures from that show soon!